The Process: How to start

1: The process is quite simple. You can contact us via email at or call 877- 432-7278.

To get started, please come prepared with a Summary of the Materials that you have. You can either email us a part list directly or in an excel spreadsheet to help us understand the contents of items you wish to sell. Including photos of the items you are selling is also appreciated.

2: We typically review and respond within 24 hours (weekdays). We often call back to discuss your parts further, so your contact information is always appreciated.

3: For used parts, a back story on the products as to their condition, where they were removed from (a hospital, a highrise building etc…Not location) is helpful. As much information as you can provide will help us provide you the greatest return on your investment in acquiring the parts.

4: We will review the total contents of your liquidation, and in some cases limit it to items that we find are in demand and likely to be repurposed. We ask in the documents that you commit that there is not a claim of ownership (lien/encumbrance etc.) by any 3rd parties (for instance…Building Owner, unless you are a Building Owner selling these parts!)

5: Once we come to a common agreement on quantities and items to be sold, then we will send you a Prepaid UPS Shipping Label to be used for parts you are shipping to us. We ask that the boxes you ship are no larger than 16 x 12 x 12 (boxes available at Home Depot / Lowes for about $ .85 cents each), and not heavier than 20-25 lbs. Most often, larger and heavier boxes end up damaging the contents in transit by shipping carriers who many times toss or drop boxes. Larger and heavy boxes usually cause the most damage.

6: We ask that you kindly pack them with bubble wrap, and in many cases (like smokes and pull stations) that you put them in lunch type baggies or means by which to keep them from scratching each other in transit. Of course, bubble wrap the boards, panels as appropriate, knowing that damaged fire alarm parts will be returned without compensation. Please sufficiently inventory the boxes you are shipping us, so that we can check off the materials you have remitted.

Once we receive the  items you have shipped to us, we typically inspect them within 72 hours and contact you (phone/email) with a review and update.

Once all parts are confirmed, we send payment, usually within 24 hours. As for payment, we offer a PayPal transfer or we can mail a certified check.

If you have ANY questions about this process or packing recommendations, please reach out anytime to discuss.  We have been buying parts for over 20 years and are happy to help guide the process as needed.